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I started this off planning on doing three worsted weight wool yarn reviews and wound up discovering that this is going to be a journey. I have a mild allergy to some wools and will need to broaden my woolen horizons.

I choose three worsted weight wool yarns to start with Yarn Bee Chloe, Paton’s Classic Worsted Wool, and Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. I’m going to tell you my first impressions of these yarns, and how a project has gone or is going with them, and my thoughts as I move into testing these yarns out a little further.

The Tests

I have a very kind neighbor that has a shaved head, and he requested a wool beanie to help keep his head warm during the winter months. I thought this would be an excellent test for each of the different yarn brands. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned, and I ended up only making beanies out Yarn Bee’s Chloe and Patons Classic Worsted Wool.

My intended plan to make three beanies didn’t work out because of two reasons. One, I choose to knit these beanies and I am a much slower knitter and crocheter, so it took longer than I had projected to complete. The second reason is that it is winter and between a flare-up of my eczema and the wool allergy I haven’t been able to work with the knit picks yarns as much as I would like.

Yarn Bee Chloe - Knitting a simple beanie held double
Yarn Bee Chloe

To test out Knit Pick’s Wool of the Andes, I have chosen to make a Granny square blanket. This project gives me a ability to work on it a little a bit at time with having to worry about having a w.i.p. laying the my toddler would only see and fun to unravel. Toddlers, right?

Yarn Bee Chloe

If you have followed me for a while, you might have picked up on the fact that Yarn Bee is probably by far my favorite yarn brand. This yarn is not 100% wool, which made it a little easier for me to work with, with my mild allergy. It is a blend of 70% wool and 30% viscose, which is another term for rayon.

Not only did the blend with rayon make the yarn a little easier on my skin, it also helped give the yarn a softer feel than your average wool yarn. I let my neighbor try on the two beanies, and as I suspected he ended up choosing Yarn Bee’s Chloe over Paton’s Classic Worsted Wool. It has a much softer feel against the skin, and this is partly because it is a blend and partly because the scales on the wool used by Yarn Bee for their Chloe line has smaller, finer scales than Paton’s wool of the Andes.

Yarn Bee’s Chloe also has its pitfalls. I found that while working with it, it snagged and split very quickly, which made working with it and frogging it quite tricky. The Chloe yarn line is wonderfully soft and luxurious to feel and wear, but because of how loosely it is spun it makes working it up a little more frustrating. However, the result is very worth it, in my opinion.

As usual with Yarn Bee yarns they are only available in-stores or online at Hobby Lobby, an has a range of ten colors.

Paton’s Classic Worsted Wool

The darker beanie is made with Paton's Classic Worsted Wool held double, and the lighter beanie is made with Yarn Bee Chloe also held double.
The darker beanie is made with Paton’s Classic Worsted Wool held double, and the lighter beanie is made with Yarn Bee Chloe also held double.

Out of the three wools I tried out, this one was my least favorite. I suspect that that is mostly because the scales on this wool were larger than the other two, and it had more little hairs coming loose or sticking out. This causes the yarn to be more itchy feeling and rougher in texture. That said, this is still a wonderful yarn, but it is good know for those will allegies to wool or sensitivty issues.

Paton’s Classic Worsted Wool is still an enjoyable yarn. I made my husband a fantastic beanie out this yarn, at first he found it a little itchy, but overall he loves it. It keeps him and his head super warm. He often has to take it off to cool down a little. I think it is fair to say that this wool yarn holds and retains heat well, great for a very cold, humid climate.

Paton’s Classic Worsted Wool is available in-stores and online at Joann’s and Michael’s. It can also be purchased online on Amazon, Yarnspirations, and Smiley Yarns, thats just to name a few it can be found a lot of places online.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes is similar in texture to Paton’s Classic Wool, but with smaller scales and I haven’t found any little hairs sticking out, yet. The smaller scales helps this yarn be a little softer and easier on my skin, but still not quite as soft as I normally prefer.

3 Worsted Weight Wool Yarn Reviews

This yarn has a lot of potential and like Paton’s Classic Wool it would be excellent for frigid and humid climates. It holds heat well, and the natural lanolin in the gives a slight barrier to water, helping it to feel and remain drier longer in a wet/humid cold. This yarn is worth trying out.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes I have not been able to find in stores, but it is available online on their website KnitPicks.com, or on Amazon. In my personal opinion this yarn is very reasonably priced, averageing between $1.67-$7.00. It is typically cheaper to buy directly from them, they have amazing sales. You can also purchase them in bulk packages of 10 balls, and 100 colors!

Final Thoughts

One thing I did not expect, is that all 3 of these yarns are much thinner than an acrylic or cotton worsted weight yarn. I found all three to be closer to a Dk or sport weight than they are to a worsted weight. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just something important to keep in mind. It also explains why when I make up a pattern design with wool in acrylic, it always comes out off gauge and too big.

Overall, all three of the yarns are worth trying out, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. If you are interested in reading more about wool, please check out my post All About Animal Fiber Yarns. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with these yarns, so please drop your comments or opinions below, on my Facebook page, or Instagram.


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