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This week I’m talking about Lion Brand Mandala Ombre, and I can’t say enough about it. Lion brand keeps adding to their Mandala Collection, and I love the new additions. Summer is moving into fall, and I think this yarn is perfect for the upcoming fall season.

Lion Brand Mandala Ombre - Mantra Colorway
Lion Brand Mandala Ombre – Mantra Colorway

Label Info

  • Weight – 4 Worsted weight
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Machine wash and dryable (love that)
  • 5.3oz / 150g per cake
  • 344yds / 315m per cake
  • Needle size – 7 / 4.5mm
  • Hook size – I-9 / 5.5mm
  • Seven available colorways
  • *Note – Ball of yarn from the same dye lot may differ due to the unique effect within each color. This is the charm of the yarn.


The closest comparison I have to this yarn in my yarn stash at this time is Yarn Bee’s Soft & Sleek. Lion Brand’s Mandala Ombre is slightly thin and a touch less squishy, but it has a smoother texture making it softer and much less prone to splitting.

The Yarn Spin

In the picture to the left, you can see the differences in how the two different yarns are spun together. The light yarn is Yarn Bee’s Soft & Sleek, and you can see it has five thickish strands spun together to create this yarn.

The teal yarn is Lion Brand’s Mandala Ombre, and its made up using six thinner strands of yarn, and each of those six strands is made up with two even more delicate strands spun together. This layering of smaller strands spun together gives Lion Brand Mandala Ombre its smooth texture and reduces splitting issues.


The label for Lion Brand Mandala Ombre says it machine wash and dryable. That is amazing, but I think through trial and error we have all found that just because a brand or label touts that a yarn is machine wash and dryable the outcome of that process can be less than we hoped it would be.

So, I tested it out.

Blues swatch has been washed – Teal swatch has not been washed

I crocheted two 4″x4″ swatches, each one with different colors to make telling them apart easier. One of the samples I created with the beautiful dark teal, and the other one is partly a light blue and dark blue, all colors from the Mantra colorway.

I washed the light/dark blue swatch the way I usually do my laundry, o a cold wash cycle with a bunch of other items, like towels, clothes, socks, and such. I then threw all of that into my dry, added a bounce sheet or two, and turned it on, nothing fancy or special.

The results, my swatch came out softer, squishier, and just as gorgeous as it was before. It did shrink though; it started out measuring 4″x4″ and ended up measuring 3.5″x3.5″. However, after playing with it a little bit, stretching a little bit here and there, it came right back to size.

Pattern Ideas

I am currently using Lion Brand Mandala Ombre for a baby blanket, sweater, lovey combo, and it is turning out lovely. It is soft, squishy, warm and machine wash and dryable, which are all high points when looking for a good yarn for baby items. I am a firm believer that you do not have to use only baby labeled yarn for baby items; the colors can be so limited.

Pinterest graphic

I also plan to use this beautiful yarn to make some winter sweaters, hats, scarves, and shawls. I think the softness of yarn matters in these types of projects because they are often right up against sensitive skin. Being a 100% acrylic yarn, it will retain warmth well in all the little air pockets it will create, keeping you or baby warm in colder weather.

Where can you find it?

I did initially find this yarn in one of my local shops, but now I can’t find it in any shops. I can also (as of writing this post) can only see it online at LionBrand.com for $7.99, which is disappointing, but I have hope that I will become more available over the next few months.

Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed using this yarn and will be using more, but it has its downsides. I am really pleased with the way this yarn is spun together to create an incredibly soft and squishy material. It fills avoid I think I have had with my yarn hoard; it is going to be gorgeous in some of the projects I have lined up for you.

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  1. Thanks for your great info! I found Lion Brand Mandala Ombre yarn at Walmart in the Baltimore area about 2 weeks ago. It was jumbled with the regular Mandala cakes on the end-cap of the aisle. I had to poke around and stand on my toes to get at some of the skeins. Not sure what I’ll make with it yet. I love the blue and green shades they have.

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