When I saw Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend yarns in stores, I was excited. I loved the color combinations, was intrigued by a blend of cotton and acrylic, and it felt so soft. I started thinking up summer clothing items and amigurumi toys. I was in for a surprise.

Label Info

  • 50% cotton / 50% polyester blend
  • 7oz / 200g – per cake
  • 392yd / 358m – per cake
  • 3 – DK weight
  • Recommended needle size – 7/4.5mm
  • Recommended hook size – J-10/6mm
  • 20 different colorways

Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend is a 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend, an interesting combination. Cotton absorbs water and breathes well helping to keep you cooler. However, polyester/acrylic repels water, doesn’t breathe, and has air pockets to keep you warmer. The two types of yarn together seem strange to me.


The texture is in, my opinion, essential when it comes to yarns and wearable items. Beautifully caked up this yarn feels soft and delicate against the skin, but after working with it, I changed my mind and started to questions how I would use this yarn.

The best way I think of to describe the texture of Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend, is that it feels like the took two thin strands of their Mandala yarn and two thin strands of either their 24/7 Cotton or Cotton-Ease and spun them together. Which at first doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

I tried working this yarn up into a swimsuit cover-up, then a skirt, and then I just started playing with different stitches. I have to say I am not a fan of this particular yarn. When I worked up, it has a weird, slightly rough texture that I do not particularly like.


Finding projects I think would pair well with this yarn has been a bit of a struggle, because the two different yarns are such total opposites. I have come up pretty short on that list.

Right now I am working on a making a toddler summer skirt with it, and I am hoping that after a couple washes it might soften up and feel a little better against the skin. However, it could go exactly the opposite direction after washing. I will come back and update this post after I have finished this skirt and washed a few times,

Where Can You Find It?

I have found Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend yarns in my local Joann’s and one of the local Walmarts, not a lot of options there. However, online it can be found on LionBrand.com for $7.99, Joann.com for $7.99, Walmart.com for $5.88, Amazon for $7.99, and Knitting-Warehouse.com for $6.79, just to name a few.

Final Thoughts

I am still undecided on Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn. I have found it to be a bit unpredictable, the colors do not work up as beautifully as you would hope, but i am going to reserve final judgment on it until it has gone through a few wash cycles and seen some wear. I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up.

If you would like to follow along as this yarn is put through the wringer, so to speak, by my toddler, you can do so on my Instagram account. I will be posting pictures of how it goes along the way and then posting an updated review of Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend.

I would love it if you shared your thoughts, comment, or experiences with this yarn. You can do add them below in the comment section of this post, on my Facebook, or Instagram accounts.

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