A single red crochet tulip

My mother-in-law loves tulips; they are her favorite flower. She used to have the most beautiful garden of flowers, including a lot of tulips. She had a stroke last year and ended up selling her home. So, this year for Mother’s Day, I decided to take my inspiration from her garden and make her some crochet tulips using a free crochet tulip pattern.

The Pattern Search

Finding a free crochet tulip pattern turned out harder than I thought it would. I tried Pinterest first, because that my favorite way to browse for patterns, no luck. So, I moved on to Ravelry, and all I found were some paid patterns.

The Lovely Tulips for my Motherin-law

The problem with all the paid patterns I found on Ravelry, is that they are all written for thread. Not crochet thread, but an embroidery thread. I don’t know about you, but crochet with embroidery thread seemed a little too tiny for my hands to handle.

I finally went over to Youtube to see what I could find there, and I found it, the perfect pattern for my task. Mary J Handmade has created a great and easy to follow free crochet tulip pattern. I found her video, and it was just what I was looking for, a crochet tulip pattern using crochet thread size 3.

Pattern Details

This wonderful free crochet tulip pattern can be found on her Youtube channel, Facebook page, or blog. Her pattern creates two different sized tulips. For the bigger tulips, she uses cotton crochet thread size 3 and 2.0mm hook, 0.5 gauge wire, 1.5 gauge wire, floral tape, wire cutters, and scissors. I had difficulty finding the instructions for the smaller tulips, but I think she is using a smaller hook and thinner thread.

All my supplies to create the Crochet Tulips
My Crochet Tulip Supplies

I used her free crochet tulip pattern, but I made a few minor changes. Finding 0.5 gauge wire proved difficult, and I ended up choosing 20 gauge jewelry wire (these may be the same thing, idk. I don’t know anything about wire.) I also found these green plant stakes, basically green skewers with one pointed end. I used these in place of the 1.5 gauge wire, to create the flower stems.

The last change I made was the hook. I do not currently own a 2.0mm hook, I do however have a b/2.25mm hook. I tend to have a tighter tension than average, so I think it worked out perfectly. I am loving the results and will be making more for my Aunt.

Thoughts on the Pattern

I enjoyed working up the beautiful crochet tulips. The pattern is relatively simple, and I think the only change I would make to this pattern is to clarify that the turning counts a stitch. The assembly can be a little tricky, maybe because of the plant stakes I chose to use, but once you get the hang of it, the work up fairly quickly.

A big thank you to Mary J Handmade for this beautiful free crochet tulip pattern and all the hard work you put into creating it and sharing it.

Have you used this free crochet tulip pattern? Is there another pattern you would like me to add to my project journal or reviews? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, please share them below in the comment section, my Facebook page, or my Instagram.


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