Zig Zag Baby Blanket - Lion Brand Mandala in Unicorn
Zig Zag Baby Blanket – Lion Brand Mandala in Unicorn

My sweet little Avery started kindergarten this school year and her amazing teacher just had a little baby girl. My daughter was insitant that I needed to make her a baby blanket and maybe a toy too, so of course I did. I had been wanting to make this blanket for a while now, I just wanting for a baby to gift it too. I think I was wishing a little too hard, because the list of baby blankets I need to make has gotten a lil out of hand.

The Pattern

The Zig Zag Baby Blanket pattern by Andrea of Austere Twist blog and is a rewrite of the Hopscotch Baby Blanket designed by Tanya Eberhardt of the Little Things Blogged. Tanya Eberhardt wrote the pattern for the Hopscotch Baby Blanket in filet crochet terms, and Andrea’s rewrite was written using counted US crochet terms.

I am new to filet crochet and still getting the hang of it, so I found the Zig Zag baby blanket pattern more manageable to read. Both patterns create a beautiful baby blanket that anyone would love to snuggle up with in bed or on the couch. I ended up liking this pattern so much, that I have decided to make a twin size version with worsted weight yarn, for my daughter bed.

The Yarn and Hook

Both patterns call for DK weight yarn and an E/3.5mm hook, and for me, that worked out wonderfully. I chose Lion Brand Mandala in the colorway Unicorn and used my Clover Amour E/3.5mm hook, and the finished blanket came out so much better than I was hoping. Avery is so excited to take it to her teacher when she comes back from maternity leave.


The pattern designer chose to back her baby blanket with fabric and I do that occasionally, but I chose not to add a backing of fabric to this baby blanket. I did this because I was running out time to get this finished in time to make a little toy to pair with it. It’s spring here now and I didn’t think a backing was needed. The crab stitch border is the perfect finishing touch for this adorable blanket, in my opinion.


Final Thoughts

I am in the process of trying to pick colors to make two more of these adorable baby blankets for my hubby’s coworker’s new preemies twins. I am already working up some preemie octopuses for them and a few extras for other little ones in the NICU.

I love both of these patterns, and I’m looking forward to trying to read and understand the filet crochet terms next time. I will be recommending this pattern to my crocheting friends and family. A few of them have already gotten started after seeing my Instagram posts of this cute baby blanket.

I would love to hear your thoughts and see your projects. I hope that you will share them with me below in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. If you are interested in reading a review of Lion Brand Mandala yarn, to see if it is the right choice for you, check out my review.


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