Hello, my lovelies! I owe all my readers a big apology and an explanation. As some of you may already know, I have had a very emotional summer, and I have not been posting like I usually do. The simple explanation is, I have been seriously struggling. This post is my explanation and a little dive into my life.

In May, before school ended for my kiddos and before summer had hit, my dad got sick with pneumonia after getting some major dental work done. All seemed fine at first. his doc put him on antibiotics, and he recovered, to pick it up again. He battled with it for three weeks, in and out of the hospital for treatment.

My dad with my son
My dad and my son

The first week of June he was back in the hospital again. I couldn’t stay at the hospital with him and my almost three year old. It was just too much for her (my three year old), and myself. He had his girlfriend with him when she wasn’t working, and he trusted his doctors. I trusted them all to keep me updated.

On the 5th of June, his heart and lung functions weren’t where the doctors wanted them to be and wanted him moved to ICU. For some reason, that has never been explained to me; they didn’t move him till the next morning. During that transfer to the ICU, his heart stopped, and they were unable to bring him back.

It was four weeks of ups and downs, and a whole lot of stress. It was during these four weeks that my hubby and I managed to get pregnant accidentally. We didn’t know it at that time and thought we were safe.

Losing my father has been very difficult for me. We were very close, and as much as I struggle with letting him go, I know that he is happier. In April of 2018, my mother passed away, and they were best friends and married for 33 years. He missed her dearly with every breath, and now they are together again.

The next three weeks I spent in bed refusing to see any visitors or take any calls. I slipped into a bad depression and fought to find my way out. I have the greatest husband ever, so understanding and unbelievably considerate, especially for a Marine. lol

Twin's First Ultrasound
Twin’s First Ultrasound

At the end of those three weeks, I realized I had missed my period and was feeling absolutely awful. Two pregnancy test later (had to be sure the first wasn’t a false positive, right?) and yep, I am pregnant. We found out a month later, TWINS!

All of that packed into a two month time was very emotionally exhausting. On top of that, the exhaustion a twin pregnancy brings. That last few months have been overwhelming.

I am entering my trimester of this pregnancy and finally starting to get a little energy back. I am hoping to be back to my regular posting schedule, beginning with this post! I am excited to get back into and bring you all into my life a little bit.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, if so please let me know in the comments. I would love to know if adding a personal life category to my blog would have an interest.

Till next week….


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